Scrolling Banner Version 1.0


This page describes how to download, install, and customize the scrolling banner seen at the top of this page.
First you must download either or for Unix users banner.tgz. The archive contains three files:
  1. Banner.class: The applet class.
  2. The java source code.
  3. banner.html: This file.


To install, copy the following lines into your page. You can center it by use of the <center> tag.
<applet code="Banner.class" width=400 height=100>
<param name=speed value="200">
<param name=fontnum value="0">
<param name=fontsize value="20">
<param name=bwidth value="30">
<param name=drawframe value="0">
<param name=rtime value="1">
<param name=ctime value="1">
<param name=forward value="1">
<param name=flicker value="0">
<param name=text value="Hi there">
<param name=background value="bgrounds/clouds1.gif">
<param name=bcolor value="0000ff">
<param name=fcolor value="ff0000">
<param name=href value="">


Use the following option to customize the applet:
  1. speed: Speed of the banner in milliseconds.
  2. fontnum: Font used in the banner. This number must be one of the fonts accepted
  3. fontsize: Size of the font
  4. bwidth: Maximum umber of characters shown by the banner at one time.
  5. drawframe: Should the applet paint a frame around the banner.
  6. rtime: Append the time and date at the end of the text.
  7. ctime: Append the time the applet has been up at the end of the text.
  8. forward: Whether the banner should run forward or backwards.
  9. flicker: Make the banner flicker.
  10. text: The text to be shown in the banner.
  11. background: Backgound .gif file.
  12. bcolor: Backgound color.
  13. fcolor: Text color.
  14. href: URL to show when mouse button is depressed over the banner.

Known Bugs

None yet, please let me know.